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    Getting Started
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    Primary pilot training
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    VFR debriefing
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    Instrument approach debriefing

Debrief Your Pattern Work

Display all patterns, or only one. Display wind barbs and check your wind correction. Check your bank angle and airspeed during turns.

Features used:

  • Auto segmentation and decluttering
  • ALT+IAS profiles of a single maneuver
  • Wind barbs
  • Synthetic cockpit view, glass gauges
  • Auto color-coding (e.g., Final in white)

Debrief Your Instrument Approaches

Check your lateral and vertical accuracy by comparing your flight to color-coded 2D and 3D published FAA approach.

Features used:

  • Display one or more published approaches
  • Display one or all transitions, plus feeder routes
  • Decluttering to show only one approach shooting
  • Check you altitude at selected points, e.g., FAF
  • Auto computes your MAP/DA in the missed
  • A single approach's flight profiles

Debrief Using VFR and IFR Charts

Display your flight's path over aviation charts.

Features Used:

  • World-wide VFR, IFR-lo and IFR-Hi charts
  • Layer your flight over a chart in 2D and in 3D
  • Debrief your navigation in/around airspaces
  • Debrief your IFR airways flight

Debrief with Video

Add one or two videos, overlay glass gauges. The playback controls keep all the data in sync. Debrief using the intercom and ATC audio.

Features used:

  • Video (including audio) embedding
  • Glass gauges
  • Flight profiles
  • 2D moving map
  • 3D track view

Debrief with IAS, GS, TAS and Wind

The wind information is acquired from multiple weather station and interpolated for each point along the flight path. The TAS and IAS are computed from the wind and the ground speed. This helps you figure out what really happened.

Features Used:

  • Synthetic cockpit view
  • GS, IAS, TAS, Wind and more - displayed numerically
  • Glass cockpit overlay
  • Segmentation for quick zoom

Re-live and Share Your Flight

Share your flight with your friends, your co-pilot, your CFI. Zoom-in and select Moving Map; during animation, the aircraft symbol remains centered while the chart or satellite photos move.

Features used:

  • Share button for quick sharing
  • Moving 2D map
  • Satellite and topo chart
  • Synthetic cockpit with glass gauges
  • Altitude profile
  • Playback at 1x, 2x, 4x and 10x
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