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CloudAhoy logs your flight

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Logging auto-stops after landing and taxiing to the ramp.
After landing

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All your flights on the cloud

access from any computer / tablet

When did I take off? CloudAhoy automatically computes data including airports, runways, wheels up/down times, and air/ground times.
Automatic segmentation

Every step of the flight analyzed so you know what happened

Color-coding, profiles, reports

How was my steep turn? CloudAhoy will color it yellow, tell you how much altitude was gained/lost, and display ALT, TAS and VS profiles of the steep turn.

Become a better and safer pilot by checking your takeoff roll length & time, traffic pattern quality, climb and descent rates, airspeed lost in chandelles, autorotaion performance, glider thermalling rates, and hundreds more

Wind, airspeed, heading

computed at every point along the flight

What was the wind at 5000'? Improve your wind correction and bracketing techniques. CloudAhoy displays the TAS, HDG and Wind. Check how stabilized your approach was. CloudAhoy will tell you if you've been near stall.
Zoom to a selected maneuver

Where is my down-spiral? Even if your flight track looks like spaghetti, a couple of clicks will zoom on any maneuver, de-clutter, and display CloudAhoy's analysis.

A busy CFI? Focus on that one traffic pattern, out of many, where the wind-correction did not work.

VFR & IFR charts

Was I on GFK's R-071? Debrief your VFR flight in that busy class-B, or your flight in IMC.
Cockpit view animation

Remember our flight in the mountains? CloudAhoy has a cockpit-view animation mode, to re-live good memories. Or to debrief your visual approach.
3D & 2D instrument approaches

from IAF to TDZ, missed

auto calculate MAP/DA alt.

What was my altitude on the missed? For this ILS approach, CloudAhoy automatically detected a missed at 317'. It shows the flight over 3D or 2D published approaches, enabling you to debrief the accuracy of your vertical and lateral path. Run cockpit mode animation and see an "approach in the sky"
share selected flights

I want to share my solo flight with my CFI. Or with my co-pilot, or with my blog readers.
Or with my CAP squadron pilots.

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