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Presentation: Tues. July 29, 11:30 - 12:45

CloudAhoy Features

Analyze, visualize,

Display the flight path in 2D or 3D and draw selected flight profiles. Display a cockpit-view video. Overlay the path on satellite images, aviation charts, published 3D/2D instrument approaches, or a topo map.


Fixed wing, glider,

CloudAhoy will apply its expert system’s rules based on your aircraft type. It will automatically identify your maneuvers, e.g., takeoff , traffic pattern, instrument approach, chandelle, autorotation or thermalling.


Access your flights

Debrief all of your flights, from the web on any computer or tablet. Your flights are captured with the CloudAhoy app running on your iPhone or iPad in the cockpit. The data is automatically archived on CloudAhoy’s servers.


Secure, private
and shareable

We are passionate about privacy.
Keep your flights only to yourself, or share any of your flights - with your CFI or student, with your pilots buddies, with your passengers, with anyone. Share on Facebook.